Sunday, 29 January 2012

Inquiry Project Proposal

My technology comfort level:

I consider myself to be a beginning intermediate user of Web 2.0. I’ve dabbled in a number of different tools at the novice level and the intermediate level, but I do not feel that I have taken full advantage of what these tools have to offer. It is my goal this term to explore new tools, but to also learn more about the ones that I have already experimented with.

In the past, I have created a blog as my library website, but I would like to further experiment with Blogger’s many features in order to make my blog eye-catching and interesting. I plan on doing this over the course of this project. I have used Voicethread and Glogster EDU with students as platforms for them to present their final products for research projects or writing assignments. I am still new to these tools and hope to expand my horizons with new tools, taking the time to fully investigate the possibilities for myself, personally and professionally, and for my students.

My chosen Web 2.0 tools and my timeline:

Prezi (Jan 30 – Feb 5): I will create a complex presentation using photos, perhaps videos, zooming in and out, and grouping elements. Rationale: I see this tool as being an original way to start off a new unit in social studies or science. I also think that this tool would make an interesting final product for grade 6 or 7 research project or perhaps for them to make a book trailer.

Twitter (Jan 30 – Mar 20): I will sign up and follow prominent people in the educational, library and educational technology fields. Rationale: I would like to see why people are so enthusiastic about this tool and I see it as a good way to stay up-to-date on important trends in my profession.

Social Networking (Feb 6 – Mar 20):
  • Facebook (Feb 6 – 12): I will sign up with Facebook, set up my personal account, and set my privacy settings. Rationale: I think that in order to understand, use and teach about social networking, I need to be involved in it.
  • Facebook (Feb 20 – 26): I will create a Facebook page for my library as a way to connect with my school community. Rationale: I think that this will be a good way to let parents know what is going on in the library.
  • Pinterest (Feb 13 – 19) I will sign up, start pinning and making boards. Rationale: I think that I will find much inspiration from this tool, both for my professional and my personal interests.
  • Destiny Quest in Follett Destiny (Feb 6 – Mar 16): I will introduce social networking on the Destiny system at our school to students. This is a platform where we put books on virtual shelves, make recommendations, and discuss what we are reading. This project with involve the 20 students that are taking part in our Battle of the Books competition. Rationale: This will be a fun tool to get students talking about books and excited about reading in a safe, social networking setting.

LiveBinders (Feb 20 – Feb 26): I will set up some livebinders for teachers and students and include them on my library website. These livebinders will be organized according to subject matter. Rationale: It looks like this is a very visually appealing way to organize resources. This may be an effective way to get teachers to actually look at the sites that I find for them.

Digital Storytelling Tools (Feb 27 – Mar 4): I will explore Storybird, Zooburst, and Xtranormal. I will create a story on each of these platforms in order to see how they function. I expect to use them for writing activities with the grade 4 class that I teach one day a week. I will also promote these platforms with my teachers on staff. Rationale: The final products on these platforms look sophisticated, interesting and fun. I am hoping that students will be more enthusiastic about writing if they are enthused about the final product.

Online Pathfinders (Mar 5 – Mar 12): With JogtheWeb, I will create 3 different pathfinders to support my teachers and their students in their different curriculums. Rationale: When teachers use the internet to supplement their resources or to have students conduct research, appropriate websites will be grouped together and therefore easy to find.

My personal and professional goals:
  • Exploring these Web 2.0 tools will help me become more in-tune to technology so that I can better relate to my children’s and my students’ world. 
  • I would like to tap into the internet as a great resource for professional development. Following people on Twitter and following people’s blogs will expose me to many new ideas in my profession.
  • As the teacher-librarian, I am a resource person for both my students and my staff. I would like to expand my areas of expertise to outside of the four walls of the library. I see recording my exploration of Web 2.0 tools on my blog as a powerful learning experience that will give me the tools and confidence to show teachers and students the different ways that Web 2.0 can help them in their teaching and learning.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Monday, 23 January 2012

My autobiography as a tech user

Here is my autobiography, created on a Prezi. I had fun putting it together, but there are a few things that I would do differently next time. I would try to group my events according to theme or era. I would play around with the frames to get something that I liked a little better. I'm now wondering how I can use Prezi in my inquiry project. Should I do another personal project, or should I plan to use it with students? I need to think about that. I wonder if we are to demonstrate our personal use of these tools or if we are to show how we would use them in the library or the classroom.